East Shore Road – Jamestown, RI

New owners wanted to simplify the grounds to this Jamestown, RI residence and make it their own. Beech tree hedges, for privacy screening, were installed, water runoff control methods on this bedrock ridden site, transplanting existing trees were some of the elements of the landscape design. In addition, HALI BECKMAN, Ltd. designed infiltration ponds, swales of cobblestone, bermed planting beds, designed native plantings to control the run-off, installed rabbit and deer resistant planting beds, redesigned the pool patio, added gardens and transplanted mature trees all with State, RI CRMC and local regulatory approvals. Planters and mood lighting were added for day and evening enjoyment.

Architect: Gale Goff, Little Compton, RI

Landscape Contractor: DaPonte Landscaping Services, Bristol, RI